Why Top Liquor Brands Like Southern Comfort Promote With Swizzle Sticks

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Many of the world’s most well-known liquor brands use branded swizzle sticks, drink stirrers & cocktail picks for promotional purposes. 

Custom stirrers & picks provide powerful visual branding in marketing materials & at trade shows, industry events & much more. Also, there are many instances where liquor companies will provide bars with their unique swizzle sticks & picks at no cost & encourage them to use the products within signature cocktails. 

In the liquor business, differentiation is key. Custom products like stirrers & picks add a subtle finishing touch that most drinkers love & remember. 

Southern Comfort is a prime example of a well-known liquor brand that consistently utilizes personalized swizzle sticks. Check out some of the photos from the Southern Comfort Instagram page below! Cheers! 

Custom Branded Drink Stirrers For Liquor Companies.png

Liquor Company Marketing Ad With Branded Swizzle Sticks.png

Promotional Swizzle Sticks Cocktail Stirrers With Logo.png

Swizzle Sticks Cocktail Stirrers With Liquor Company Logo Slogan.png