The Power of Precision: Royer’s Custom Injection Molding Prowess

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Welcome to Royer Corporation, where we are all about custom injection molding. You could say we’re experts in making unique plastic parts and components right here in the USA, so let’s jump into our power of precision!

If you are looking a custom injection molded part, whether it be drink stir sticks for your restaurant, floral skewers for your shop, custom tokens & coins for the trading card game business—or components for virtually any application—Royer would love to help.

Key Highlights of Royer’s Custom Injection Molding:

Royer's Custom Injection Molding

  • High-End Capacity: Our expertise spans a wide spectrum, from small runs to high-volume production, ensuring that your needs are met with precision and excellence.
  • World-Class Decorating: Royer’s capabilities extend beyond molding. We offer high-output digital printing and hot foil stamping for impeccable decorating. This elevates your products to the next level of sophistication.
  • Biodegradable Resin: We are committed to environmental sustainability. In line with eco-conscious practices, we offer the option to mold in biodegradable resin.
  • Custom Packaging: Tailored packaging solutions that meet your specific requirements, enhancing the presentation of your products.
  • Unmatched Speed to Market: Say goodbye to offshore delays. Instead, we excel in rapid prototyping and production, ensuring that your projects reach the market with unprecedented speed.
  • Diverse Industry Experience: With a history of crafting products for various industries, we bring a versatile perspective to every project. Regardless of its unique demands, we’re well-equipped to handle it.
  • 3-Shift Production Operation: Our round-the-clock production operation ensures that we are always ready to meet your needs, no matter the time.

 At Royer Corporation, we’re not just molding plastic; we’re molding ideas, dreams, and innovation. So, let’s team up and turn your ideas into something epic by contacting us today!