Southwest Airlines’ Heart Swizzle Stick Brands All Flight Confirmation Emails!

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In addition to stirring up cocktails & hot beverages served aboard Southwest Airlines flights, the company’s iconic heart shaped custom swizzle stick is featured regularly in online & print materials. 

Southwest Airlines Custom Heart Swizzle Stick Flight Confirmation Branding.png

After booking a company trip recently, we noticed the lovable heart stirrer on our flight confirmation email! It is clear that this plastic swizzle stick has become a recognizable branding asset for Southwest & the Royer team is extremely grateful
for the opportunity to manufacture these stirrers here in the United States of America.

Southwest Airlines Social Media Promotion With Heart Beverage Stirrers-1.jpg

Each plastic heart swizzle stick that is given to passengers represents Southwest’s brand image. This is something that simply cannot be accomplished by plain, run-of-the-mill sip straws.