Royer Mustache & Cheers Stirrers Team Up For Classy Drink Photoshoot!

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Royer custom stirrers are perfect for any gathering or party! We had the pleasure of being sent these amazing pictures of our Mustache and Cheers Stirrers from a happy customer. These swizzle sticks brought both fun and class to these elegant and sophisticated drinks. Thank you to @MoreDesh and @KaylaMichellePhoto for sharing these photos with us. We love seeing our custom products in action!

Cheers Mustache Swizzle Sticks.jpg

Royer Cheers Mustache Fun Stir STicks.jpg


Mustache Cheers Swizzle Sticks.jpg

RoyerCorp Cheers Mustache Swizzle Sticks Stirrers.jpg

Stirrers Picks Sticks.jpg

Swizzle Stick Stirrers.jpg