Royer-Made Custom Drink Stirrers Take Flight With United Airlines

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For several decades, Royer Corporation has been a trusted promotional product supplier for giants in the airline industry. Our custom drink stirrer partnership with United Airlines has been going strong for many years and we are excited for what the future has in store!

Swizzle Sticks United Continental Airlines Flights.jpg

Airline companies like United use personalized stirrers on-board to give beverages an extra touch of branding. This provides an inexpensive touch of class and ensures each drink presentation is a visually appealing representation of the United Airlines brand. Additionally, custom swizzle sticks serve as ideal garnishing tools to promote inflight drinks on popular social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

The next time you find yourself aboard a United Airlines flight, be on the lookout for their custom stirrers that are manufactured in the USA by Royer Corporation!