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When flowers are received as gifts, the card is typically the first point of focus for the recipients.

For many years, the floral industry has relied on plain, pronged card holders to display cards within arrangements & planters. While this traditional piece serves the purpose, it adds nothing to presentation.

Since 1977, our custom products have focused on highlighting presentation. After talking with countless florists, funeral directors, & others in the floral industry, we discovered a need on the market.

Since the card is one of the most visible assets of floral arrangements, we should certainly pay close attention to how it is presented. This is where our new 12” & 18” floral card holders come into play.

Our seven 18” card holder designs coincide with some of the most popular funeral themes and are geared toward sympathy floral arrangements. Product testing has generated extremely positive reactions from end users, florists, & funeral directors.
While these picks were designed with sympathy arrangements in mind, each has the ability to be used within a wide range of arrangement types.

Our 18” designs include:

Also new for 2015 are three 12” themed card holder picks. These designs are ideal for a wide variety of arrangements & for everyday use.

Our 12” designs include:

All of our themed floral card holder picks are proudly manufactured at our USA headquarters and are available in our new online store!

In addition to new, themed card holder designs, we also offer custom floral picks! Our industry leading injection molding and decorating capability allows us to create the most visually appealing custom floral picks in the world.

Custom floral card holders are perfect for:

  • Adding a logo to each arrangement prepared.
  • Differentiating your arrangements from the competition.
  • Branding & Adding Value.
  • Ensuring you get the perfect card holder for the unique needs of your business.

To request a custom floral card holder pick design artwork and consultation, we invite you to Request a Quote online or give us a call toll-free at 800-457-8997. Our experts look forward to the opportunity to earn your business!