Royer 6″ Plastic Naughty or Nice Christmas, Holiday Swizzle Sticks, Set of 24 – Made in USA

These 6″ plastic Naughty or Nice Swizzle Sticks are perfect for this year’s Christmas or Holiday parties! Let Santa know who has been naughty or nice by topping off drinks with these delightful garnishing tools. Molded in durable, American-made plastic, each package includes 12 “Naughty” and 12 “Nice” stir sticks for a grand total of 24 pieces. These versatile and visually appealing stirrers are proudly made in the USA by Royer Corporation, the industry’s leading custom stirrer and cocktail pick manufacturer since 1977.

  • Each package includes 12 Naughty and 12 Nice stirrers for a grand total of 24 pieces
  • Perfect for Christmas and Holiday party decorations
  • Molded in elegant, pearl green, American-made plastic
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
  • Great for home-use or at bars, restaurants and events – useful for coffee, hot cocoa, tea, lemonade, mixed drinks, cocktails and more!