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Royer Corporation is proud to turn a page in the history of plastic manufacturing and open a new chapter to the future with our Biodegradable Plastics. Our biodegradable plastics have endured rigorous independent testing and are certified under ASTM D5511 and ISO DIS15985 for anaerobic biodegradability. This means that our biodegradable plastics will degrade in normal landfill conditions, no special processing is required.

Made with pride in the USA, all of Royer’s products are available in this “Earth Friendly” alternative to normal, single use, plastic promotional products. The cost impact is minimal (only 10% more than normal plastic) and the environmental impact is priceless. There are no increased minimum order requirements nor any sacrifice to design as the same endless variety of shapes, sizes and colors are available.

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Biodegradable – (adjective) Capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other biological means.

Until recently all plastic products had no degree of biodegradability. In the best case, they could be recycled and turned into more plastic products while, in the worst, they were discarded and left to remain in the environment for eternity. The widespread manufacturing of single-use plastics is leaving us with a severe problem of plastic pollution. The more plastic we consume, the more makes its way down the waste stream and ends up in our fields, streams and oceans. This is creating a severe problem not only for the health of animal and marine life, but also our very own.

In the 21st century this is no longer an alternative.

Royer Corporation is an environmentally aware company and is working diligently to become a steward of the environment in our day to day operations as well. We have instituted several Green initiatives including creating a paperless work environment, replacing all incandescent lighting and participating in non profit, municipal recycling of cardboard, aluminum and plastic. In addition, we provide our employees an avenue to dispose of recyclable materials from their homes by dropping them at our facility for pick up.

At Royer, protecting our precious natural resources is a leading priority. Our company is committed to providing eco-friendly products that help you get closer to nature, while upholding the same standards of quality that our customers have come to expect.

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