Prepping Your Bar for the Summertime Rush

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With Summer quickly approaching, so are the customers looking for a drink during the warm nights.  As the demand for bar visits increases during this season, it is vital that your establishment is properly prepared.  Here are some tips to make your business boom this summer!

Update the Floor Plan!

When hosting more customers than usual, spacing is going to play a major roll in how efficiently the bar functions.  There are several key aspects to possibly modifying floor space.  The most important thing to think about is creating a good flow of traffic throughout the bar.  To achieve this, widening the walkways in the busiest areas will help everybody.  Doing this will make it easier for the servers to move around the building as well as customers.  Food and drinks can be served quicker and the chance of any accidents are decreased.  It is also wise to make sure there is enough space between tables for the same reasons.

Providing plenty of open space in areas directly around the bar is also essential, specifically for busy nights.  While waiting for drinks, lines will be able to form without causing a major jam in the flow of traffic.  Productivity will remain high and chances of accidents or problems will remain low.

Spending time outdoors is one of the pinnacles of the summer season.  Giving customers an outdoor patio area (if applicable) will be necessary.  There is nothing like enjoying a fresh drink outside with your peers. Applying the two previously mentioned strategies to your patio will make it the hot spot for your bar.  Do not forget to provide table umbrellas during the day!

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Seasonal Food & Drinks

Revamping the drink and food options into summertime delights will only create an improved atmosphere for the customers.  Try displaying a list of specialty drinks to catch the customers attention.  Tropical flavored cocktails will be in heightened demand!  Be sure to spruce up the cocktails and really “Wow!” the customers.

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Live Music

If possible, providing live performances late into the night is almost always guaranteed to make people stay longer.  When people stay longer and are having a good time singing and dancing, they are bound to spend more money.  Knowing your main demographic is key when choosing the type of music to provide.  This choice could clear out the place or pack it full.  The better time your customers have, the more likely they are to spread the word and come back again, great for business!


This may seem obvious but do not forget, more people during the summer means more staff will be needed!  Anyone that has experienced a busy night while understaffed knows how hectic it may turn out.  An incorrect bartender-to-customer ratio will result in inefficiency and a loss of potential revenue.  Depending on the size of the bar and number of customers will help you figure what is best.  A good ratio to start with would be at least 1 bartender per 60 customers.

Follow these tips and your bar is destined for success this summer!