Antimicrobial Technology Now Available in Royer Plastic Products
Custom Molded Parts Infused with Purdue-licensed Nouvex

MADISON, IND — Royer Corporation and Poly Group LLC finalized an exclusive partnership June 22 that results in antimicrobial custom plastic injection molded parts being manufactured in Madison, Indiana.

Nouvex™ antimicrobial technology was discovered at Purdue University. Poly Group LLC holds an exclusive, worldwide license to the IP covering Nouvex, which includes a granted U.S. patent.

Royer Corporation, a Madison-based manufacturer, serves a variety of industries that will benefit from an antimicrobial option—especially given the new safety challenges businesses are facing because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Royer is proud to play a small role in helping society move forward by manufacturing antimicrobial injection molded products. This exciting partnership with Nouvex aligns with our company’s history of innovation & continuous improvement,” said Tom Seaver, Sales & Marketing Director at Royer.

Royer Corp will infuse Nouvex material in a variety of custom injection molded applications such as airline and mass transit interior parts, foodservice and hospitality components/disposables, cosmetic applicators, housewares and commercial product pieces. Given the company’s unique injection molding capabilities, virtually any custom plastic product can be made in antimicrobial material.

About Nouvex™

Nouvex is a polymeric technology that is compatible with a wide range of substrates. The addition of Nouvex’s antimicrobial polymer renders substrates treated with it antimicrobial. Nouvex is also persistent, meaning materials, in this case injection molded plastics, retain Nouvex’s antimicrobial activity for an extended time. That persistency, combined with Nouvex’s low toxicity and significant biocompatibility, makes Nouvex an attractive technology for numerous other product lines, including wound dressings, implantable medical devices in both  human and animal applications, anti-microbial packaging, urinary catheters and other coatings that protect surfaces.

About Poly Group LLC

Poly Group LLC is located in the Purdue Research Park in New Albany, Indiana. The antimicrobial technology marketed as Nouvex has been licensed exclusively and globally to Poly Group by the Purdue Research Foundation and its Office of Technology Commercialization. Poly Group has successfully registered Nouvex with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Office of Pesticide Programs, Antimicrobial Division, as a material preservative; EPA Reg. No. 91413-2.

For more information about Royer:
Contact: Tom Seaver, (800) 457-8997, ex 102

For more information about Poly Group and Nouvex
Contact: Craig Kalmer, (812) 590-4752