Make Flowers Beautiful For All Occasions With Floral Card Holder Picks 

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Along with Valentine’s Day, funerals and anniversaries, flowers are sent every day for a variety of occasions. When someone receives flowers, their first instinct is wanting to know who sent them! The card, which is always secured by some form of card holder, is the first thing that the person looks for. They want to know who made their day by sending flowers.

Themed card holder picks can be very simple but also give bouquets a festive feel and a touch of elegance. They can also be fun and show compassion. Many times, a simple glance at the style of card holder being used can tell you what the flowers are being used for. Below are some great examples of floral card holder picks Royer can provide!

12 Inch Butterfly In Arrangement.jpg

12 Inch Pink Heart Floral Picks .jpg

12 inch red heart Floral Picks.jpg

Transparent Amber 18 Inch Cross Card Holder.jpg 

Patriotic Star-Floral-Picks.jpg