Make Your Business Stand Out with Unique Stir Stick Designs

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Creating unique, eye-catching stir sticks for your business or event is an important part of ensuring it stands out from the crowd. Custom stir sticks make a statement and leave a lasting impression on guests and customers. Make your business stand out with unique stir stick designs today with Royer’s tips on the design process!

1) Consider the Message you Wish to Convey

Are you looking for something classic and timeless or something more modern and trendy? Depending on the theme of your event or business, you may want to choose an appropriate font style and color scheme for your design. Think about your customers and your brand- what message do you want to send them? Browse Royer’s product gallery for inspiration!

2) Think About What Material the Stir Sticks Should be Made of

Different materials create different vibes – some feel high-end while others exude a more playful feel. In addition, certain materials may have unique properties that make them better suited for a specific application than another material type. Royer offers plastic material and also wooden stirrers and picks!

3)  Consider Adding Features Such as Color or Your LogoMake Your Business Stand Out with Unique Stir Stick Designs

With Royer’s hot foil stamping method, your stir sticks and picks can have an extra dash of color to stand out. You can choose from a vast selection of stock colors or ask for a PMS color match. Wanting a bit more? Add your full-color logo design, images, and more with our digital printing. There are endless possibilities when it comes to your creation!

4) Acknowledge the Time of Production

Take into account how long it will take for your design to be completed after submitting your business artwork for production. Royer stands out because of our short speed to market. Strategically based in the heart of the Midwestern United States, Royer’s location allows for excellent response times to all North American destinations. Our team provides full-service injection molding design, tooling, manufacturing, and decorating for speedy project completion.

Designing custom stir sticks is a great way to showcase your company’s logo or brand in an eye-catching way at events and gatherings of all types. Follow these tips when creating yours so that they stand out from the rest and contact Royer today!