Legendary Restaurant & Lounge, Kon Tiki, Unveils New Swizzle Sticks!

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Since 1963, Kon Tiki has welcomed patrons to paradise in Tucson, Arizona. As noted on the Kon Tiki website, this legendary restaurant & lounge is one of the last remaining, operational tiki temples from America’s mid-century tiki past. The interior of the establishment is almost completely original – & includes the largest collection of Milan Guanko tikis in the world. 


In recent months, we have had the pleasure of working with Kon Tiki on a new, customized tiki swizzle stick design! We received photo evidence early this week that these personalized stirrers have made their debut within Kon Tiki’s signature drinks. Below are great shots of these new swizzle sticks! If you’re ever in the Tucson, Arizona area – be sure to stop by & stir up some fun!