In Honor of National Beer Lover’s Day

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Americans love to celebrate their love for beer!  Not only do we honor it with Saturday’s National Beer Lovers Day, but we also celebrate National Beer Day on April 7th.  The United States isn’t the only country who enjoys celebrating one of the oldest drinks produced by us human beings.  Our friends up north, the Icelanders enjoy this day on March 1st and our friends in the United Kingdom celebrate their “ales of choice” on June 15th.  And why wouldn’t we celebrate this beverage—it is the third most popular drink after all, I mean, besides water and tea!

We may love our beer, but on a more serious note, it takes many years of skill developing and expertise to continually craft quality beer on a daily basis.  Beer making may predate our history by a long shot, but crafting beers has been a tradition of families for generations and will be for more generations to come.  Indiana alone has over 150 craft breweries today, which include two of Madison’s finest, Mad Paddle Brewery and New Madison Brewing Company .

If you decide to celebrate this day by enjoying a beer of your choice, you can always kick it up a notch by turning your beer into a cocktail.  Below is a recipe for the Moscow Mule, but don’t forget to order some of our Vintage Moscow Mule Swizzle sticks to go with it.  They are sure to provide well mixed drinks and serve as great conversation pieces.  As always be safe and drink responsibly!

2 ounces              vodka

½ ounce               fresh lime juice (about 1/2 medium lime)

4 ounces              ginger beer

add                        lime wedge (for garnish)

Custom Moscow Mule Swizzle Sticks