How To Maintain A Strong Bar & Nightclub Crowd Throughout The Winter

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During the chilling days and nights of winter, bars & nightclubs may notice a drop in attendance during peak hours. While the most dedicated patrons will always find the motivation to make it out on the town, others will be contemplating whether a warm movie night on the couch with a bottle of wine is a more attractive option. 

The bars & nightclubs that maintain great business through the cold winter months are more than likely Bar_Nightclubtaking steps to ensure their patrons are always satisfied after braving the snow and frigid winds to make it out. 

Here are 3 key tips that bar and nightclub owners can follow that can help maintain strong crowds through the winter months.


Step 1: A Cozy Atmosphere

Commutes to your bar or nightclub in the winter time likely won’t be as pleasant as those during the warmer months. Snow-covered windshields, cold taxi cab seats & icy sidewalks are by no means mood enhancing. When patrons walk through the door, be sure they’re greeted with a warm smile, a comfortable temperature & a cozy atmosphere. Depending on your clientele, adjust music & lighting accordingly to ensure guests are satisfied & in their comfort zone. 

Step 2: Consistency

Whether business on a given night is projected to be slow or through the roof, remember to make an effort to set the bar high no matter what the circumstances may be. If the entertainment, service, food & drinks are considered to be “hit or miss” at your bar or nightclub, it is much less likely that people will brave frigid temperatures, ice & snow to be there. 

Exceed the expectations of your patrons by focusing on entertainment, service, food & drinks that is always consistent. When customers can count on a good time each time they walk through your doors, there’s a good chance that nasty winter weather won’t scare them away. 

Step 3: Seasonal Offerings

Many of your bar and nightclub patrons may be looking for something to “warm” them up once they reach your establishment. You shouldn’t anticipate everyone to sway from their typical beer or mixed drink regiment, but there will likely be a good amount of people that will appreciate warm, seasonal drink options. 

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If you’re affiliated with a bar or nightclub, what are some of your tips for keeping a steady crowd during the dog days of winter? Please share all of your comments and feedback below!