Tips For Encouraging Customers to Promote Your Business Through Social Media

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As technology and society rapidly advance in parallel, marketing techniques for your business will also need to follow suit.  The easiest way to keep up with the pack is through the use of social media. Social media is EVERYWHERE, and when used effectively, your business can thrive.  Having a page for the business itself is a great start, but to capture full potential is through the customer’s social media presence as well.  Here are the best methods to make this happen:


The Use of Backdrops and Backgrounds

Most social media posts today are comprised of pictures, and what is the first thing needed for a picture? Location.  People want their pictures to be full of life and having a dull background just will not cut it for most people.  This is where it is important for your business to provide something out of the ordinary for the people.  Simple, yet effective, examples might include a big sign (the name of the business), a colorful or festive wall, or any other props that help distinguish the business.  Giving the customer something unique to take photos in front of is a positive for them and a promotional tool for your business.


Have Eye-Catching Signature Products

Similar to above, customers will be more likely post pictures of favorable-looking products with them to show their peers.  The key is giving the customer something they WANT to take a picture of or with.  This goes back to the uniqueness factor of doing something different and fun.  The more appealing the product, the more likely customers will promote it for you.

Here are a couple examples of a drink a bar might serve and specialty food item you might find at a restaurant:



Using Hashtags

One, if not the biggest, way to categorize a social media post is with the use of a hashtag.  Including hashtag(s) in a post can be used in a couple different ways that provide multiple benefits for a business.  An example of a hashtag someone might include on their post could be #yourbusinessname.  If hundreds of people were to use this hashtag, it could then be searched and a list of every post using the hashtag would result.  So, if someone were to hear of your business, a simple search of #yourbusinessname would give that potential new customer an idea of what your business provides.

Other great uses of the hashtag for promotional purposes are in raffles, drawings, or giveaways.  With this method you are encouraging the customers to create a post about the business and those that use the hashtag get some sort of prize.  Plus, people love winning stuff and would be likely to participate.  When customers do participate they are expanding your hashtag and promoting your business for free to peers.

Social media is constantly expanding in all forms, now is the time to take advantage of this new tool and help your business grow!