How Restaurants & Bars Can Appeal to the Millennial Generation

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Millennials represent the future and they are now responsible for making purchasing decisions in all aspects of life. They are the largest since the Baby Boomers and Millennials are projected to be the most educated of any American generation. This is not only in terms of formal education— but also general awareness and knowledge of what is happening globally because of the internet.   Millennials.jpg

Currently, as a whole, Millennials have the lowest level of employment and are the lowest earning generation. They are, however, expected to have the biggest spending power because of their size. This is why knowing what they look for and what they like is so important for businesses.

The bar and restaurant industries should absolutely be well-versed in marketing to Millennials, as they are very social people! Below are some ideas that can attract Millennials to bars and restaurants!


When it comes to bars and alcoholic beverages, Millennials are driven by the current trends, colors and flavors of drinks. All of these play a role in how drinks are chosen. They also look for a variety of drink options, and many are intrigued by unique spirits, juices and garnishes. Not only do Millennials want to have options when drinking and dining out—they also want to be able to learn how to make the drinks themselves. Generally, they are fast learners and are always wanting to explore new recipes and techniques.

One of Mai Tai - 1.jpgthe hot trends currently popular with Millennials are homemade batches of alcohol. Millennials enjoy craft beer more than any other consumer group. They also are drinking wine at an earlier age and more often!    


When Millennials go out to eat, they are usually looking to have a good time with friends and/or family. They are also seeking restaurants that are local, have healthy food options, and that are affordable. Additionally, Food Trucks have been becoming more and more common over the last few years. Food from trucks is a breeze to pick up and can be in a different place everyday. At food trucks, you can find extremely unique dishes that are sure to impress your taste buds. Many food trucks are also known to use locally grown produce and other local goods. 

Millennial’s are the next generation with the most spending power. They are also the generation who will be making major decisions in the coming years. Appealing to them is going to be a must in order to keep business strong.

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