From Basement Vision to Custom Injection Molding Innovation

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Welcome to Royer Corporation’s captivating journey through the world of custom injection molding. You probably are aware that Royer has established itself as a leader in innovation and embarked on a remarkable voyage from conceptualization to tangible reality. But do you know how it all started?  Let’s see the journey from basement vision to custom injection molding innovation! 

Crafting Excellence from the Heartland

Royer Corp’s story unfolds with good old-fashioned craftsmanship, just like you’d find in the heartland of Madison, Indiana. It all began back in Hamilton, Ohio, where Roger Royer and Dean Long started this whole adventure in 1970. Now, picture this: a basement, a vision, and the birth of a plastic injection molding game-changer.

Pioneering Transformation and Growth

Fast forward a bit, and we’re talking transformation. Guy Kitchens took the reins, and the company entered a whole new era. In 1977, Royer emerged as a trailblazer. Kitchens had a knack for innovation and growth, and it became the heartbeat of Royer.Custom Injection Molding Innovation

Empowering Innovation through Revitalization

 Royer’s journey took an exciting turn with the acquisition of the US Shoe Factory building. Without a doubt, the year 1999 marked a significant moment as Royer moved to their new facility, an embodiment of progress and revitalization.

Guided by Vision: Roger Williams Assumes the Helm

The untimely passing of Guy Kitchens in 2000 marked a turning point in Royer Corporation’s journey. Roger Williams, Guy’s brother-in-law, stepped in as CEO, ensuring continuity and visionary leadership. Williams’ emphasis on state-of-the-art equipment and technology has propelled Royer towards greater heights, carving a robust path ahead!

Crafting Value, Building Relationships: A Shared Mission

Our products are proudly American-made right on the banks of the Ohio River. Our motto? “America is what America makes.” for that reason, we’re all about creating value. With over 30 years of experience, we’re committed to delivering top-notch quality with a side of unbeatable service and courtesy.

A Journey Forward

So, what’s next? We’re not slowing down. We’ve got a bunch of cool products up our sleeves, all crafted with innovation and precision. Our success is tied to yours, and we’d love to have you on board. Let’s create value together – that’s our mission!

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