Back To School Face Shields

As children prepare to head back to school, Royer Corporation now offers face shields that are specifically designed for young people. From toddler/preschool age – all the way to high school/faculty, our team is prepared to supply your school system with comfortable, breathable face shields that are made in the United States and available with short lead times.

Face Shields

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Royer Corporation has reconfigured production resources to become a high capacity manufacturer of USA Made protective face shields.

The Royer team is working around the clock to manufacture face shields that are protecting frontline workers in a variety of sectors. From hospitals and nursing homes to state governments, the National Guard, and food manufacturing chains, we are well equipped to produce shields quickly in high volume that are made in the USA from American materials.

Available at factory-direct prices, our face shields provide protection that is suitable for a variety of industries. Royer face shields limit the spread of fluid and air particles for individuals who are interacting face to face with other people. Our shields are ideal for buyers looking for American-made products that are priced competitively and available to ship in large quantities within a matter of days.

Ear Protector

Royer Ear Protectors are worn with face masks to reduce stress on ears. These products are perfect for those who are required to wear masks for long periods of time, as they provide comfort and relief. Our Ear Protectors are adjustable to one’s head size, are Made in the USA, and can be branded for an order as small as 10,000 pieces.

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    This product has been authorized by FDA under an EUA for use by healthcare providers as personal protective equipment.