Drink Stirrers & Swizzle Sticks Boost Perceived Value Of Your Drinks

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Bars, restaurants, nightclubs and all businesses that serve mixed drinks, cocktails and beer strive to satisfyCustom-drink-stirrer their customers and create a memorable experience.

For drink sales to flourish, your customers need to see value and quality in your bar or restaurant and in the products you serve. It is important to communicate the value of your offerings by marketing and merchandising properly.

This brings us to the topic of improving perceived value. Paying close attention to this can greatly improve your atmosphere and over time, your profit margin.

Here’s a definition of perceived value from Investopedia:  

“The worth that a product or service has in the mind of the consumer. The consumer’s perceived value of a good or service affects the price that he or she is willing to pay for it. For the most part, consumers are unaware of the true cost of production for the products they buy. Instead, they simply have an internal feeling for how much certain products are worth to them. Thus, in order to obtain a higher price for their products, producers may pursue marketing strategies to create a higher perceived value for their products.”

How does perceived value relate to your bar or restaurant business? Taking steps to improve the way you present and describe your food and drinks will improve the value of your offerings, without actually changing recipes.

Custom drink stirrers, swizzle sticks & cocktail picks have been used by bars and restaurants for decades to add the perfect finishing touch. The popularity of these timeless bar accessories can’t be ignored. A memorable customer experience is based on several factors. If presentation is done correctly, it can be one of the most crucial and beneficial assets to your brand.

Here’s a real world example from my last trip to Las Vegas. I visited Margaritaville on the Vegas strip for dinner one evening. With my meal I ordered one of Buffet’s famous LandShark Lagers. When I got the beer, it was served in a glass garnished with limes speared by a unique and vibrant blue palm tree pick. LandShark is obviously one of the most promoted beers at Margaritaville and the custom beer pick was a fun and distinct added value piece. Usually as days and weeks pass, I can rarely remember small details from meals, let alone one from over a year ago. Being an advocate for swizzle sticks, I’ll admit that I’m a bit biased, but I clearly remember that meal because of the presentation and attention to detail. From the Volcano Nachos, to the burger, to the beer, my experience at Margaritaville was highlighted by good food and drinks that were made even better by steps taken to improve perceived value.

Drinks served with custom, branded stir sticks, drink stirrers and swizzle sticks exude quality. If your establishment serves similar drinks to your competitors, slap your logo on a swizzle stick and make your drinks memorable! In this day and age where everyone has a smart phone, it is highly likely that pictures are being taken of your products every day and are posted to social media. This is a great opportunity to increase brand awareness. Make a custom drink stirrer with a design in mind that will resonate with your target and it just might become a longstanding marketing asset for your business.

Creating a swizzle stick or cocktail pick of your own has never been easier or more affordable. It’s time to do away with the ordinary and customize your experience.

Don’t change your drinks. Change the way you present them to your patrons and give them something to remember.