Custom Swizzle Sticks Stir Tasty Drinks At The Jungle Bird In Sacramento

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The Jungle Bird Restaurant & Bar serves up some of the best tiki cocktails in the country. They opened their doors in October of 2016 in midtown Sacramento, CA.

The Royer Corporation staff is very excited for the opportunity to manufacture The Jungle Bird’s eye-catching custom swizzle sticks! These branded, plastic cocktail stirrers mix up a variety of mouthwatering drinks. If you’re ever in the Sacramento area, be sure to stop in for a drink or two! 

Check out the photos of The Jungle Bird’s drinks below. Be sure to like their page on Facebook for more. Cheers!

Royer Swizzle Sticks Mix JB Planter's Punch at the Jungle Bird.jpg

Plastic Branded Cocktail Stirrers Tiki Themed Mai Tai at The Jungle Bird.jpg

Drink Stirrers Customized For Tiki Drinks At The Jungle Bird.jpg

Custom Cocktail Swizzle Sticks Drink Stirrers At The Jungle Bird Bar Restaurant Sacramento.jpg

Zombie Cocktails With Custom Royer Made Swizzle Sticks At The Jungle Bird Sacramento.jpg

Blue Hawaii Cocktail With Personalized Drink Stirrers At The Jungle Bird.jpg

Signature Tiki Cocktail At The Jungle Bird With Plastic Swizzle Sticks Drink Stirrers.jpg