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Bellagio_Cocktail_PickCustom plastic swizzle sticks & cocktail stirrers have been found at the world’s top restaurants, bars, casinos & hotels for decades. It’s clear that most first-class drink presentations are topped off with personalized swizzle sticks & picks – which ensures that each cocktail is served with a valuable touch of branding.

When searching for suppliers of customized, plastic swizzle sticks & picks, injection molding & decorating expertise should be at top-of-mind. Don’t fall for the companies out there that import standard shapes from Asia, pad print logos & call their products “custom.” When you want a legitimate, “personalized” shape/theme of your very own, look no further than Royer Corporation, the USA’s leading swizzle stick manufacturer since 1977.

Not only can Royer offer fully customized shapes & decorations, we also build the custom designs for you at no additional cost. Our world-class team of graphic designers, coupled with state-of-the-art 3D software, allows Royer to build custom swizzle stick and cocktail pick designs that have the potential to become true branding icons.

Royer continues to build its legacy of excellence by manufacturing the world’s most appealing custom swizzle sticks, cocktail picks & other plastic garnishing tools. Pick up a free design artwork from our experts today by clicking the link below. Cheers!