Cocktail Recipes to Impress Your Valentine

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Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day comes around every February. It’s a day to show those that we love how much we truly care about them. 2015 presents the best case scenario for many lovers, as February 14th falls on a Saturday.

With the holiday falling on a weekend, there is a unique opportunity for many couples to spend a little extra time celebrating and less time worrying about being at work early the next morning. This means more time for each other.

There are many cocktails out there that are sure to impress your partner, and I’ve added two romantic recipe videos below that will give your weekend an extra dose of excitement!

1. Chocolate Indulgence Martini

Chocolate lovers, look no further. Highlighted by chocolate vodka and chocolate milk, the Chocolate Indulgence Martini is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Thanks to Cooking with Sugar TV for sharing! Be sure to check out more great recipes on Cooking with Sugar’s YouTube Channel.

If you’re interested, below is the recipe!

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Start To Finish: 15 minutes


2 oz chocolate vodka (I like to use Chocolate Whipped)
2 oz chocolate milk
Chocolate sundae syrup, for drizzling inside the glass and the rim
2 chocolate wafer cookies, smashed to coat the rim of the glass

Place the chocolate cookies in a plastic baggie and pound with a rolling pin or wooden mallet until fine crumbs are formed.

Sprinkle the crushed chocolate wafers over a small plate. Coat the inside of a separate plate with chocolate syrup in a circle.

Turn a martini glass upside down and dip the rim of the glass in the chocolate syrup and spin back and forth, until the rim is coated.

Then do the same with the cookie crumbs turning the glass back and forth until the rim is coated well with the chocolate and the cookie crumbs. Swirl some chocolate syrup inside the glass, forming a swirling design.

In a shaker with ice add the chocolate milk, and the vodka. Shake well.

Strain mixture into glass and serve.

Makes 1 Martini


2. Fleur de Champagne, Chocolate Covered Raspberry, & Pink Fizz

A combination of 3 unique, romantic cocktails that will spice up your night. All 3 are simple and easy to make!

Thanks to Ted Allen from Food Network for sharing these 3 romantic cocktails that are perfect for Valentine’s Day! Whether you choose Fleur de Champagne, The Chocolate Covered Raspberry, or Pink Fizz, your partner is sure to be impressed!

Cheers to a fun and romantic Valentine’s Day!