Classic & Nontraditional Mint Julep Recipes To Kick Off Derby Weekend!

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The Kentucky Derby is just around the corner. How will you celebrate? Whether you’re throwing a party, attending a party, or promoting the race at your bar or restaurant, the Derby is an event that is steeped in tradition. It deserves a celebration.Derby-Julep

If you want to truly authenticate the experience at your venue, be sure to serve and promote the mint julep, a signature drink that will be the drink of choice by those in Louisville on Derby Day.

The legendary mint julep is a refreshing cocktail that typically consists of bourbon, mint leaves, & simple syrup. The video clip below from Jim Beam offers a quick rundown of how to put together a basic mint julep that features their bourbon. 

Along with the traditional recipe, there are several other delicious and refreshing variations of the mint julep. Kentucky_Derby_Swizzle_Stick-1A recent article from Fox News breaks down several recipes including Pineapple, Kiwi & Chocolate juleps that surely will impress your Derby guests in 2014. Click here to check it out!

Highlighting the presentation of your mint juleps and other Derby drinks is a great way to have your cocktails stand out from the crowd. Mint leaves, metal julep cups & custom swizzle sticks will put you well on your way to serving a crowd pleasing cocktail that turns heads. 

When celebrating and promoting the Derby festivities this weekend, take the traditional route and serve the mint julep, but don’t be afraid to try some of the many variations of the drink as well! And of course, may the best horse/jockey win!