Can a Swizzle Stick Become a Branding Icon For Your Bar or Restaurant?

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Do you remember the days when virtually every bar or restaurant had a distinct, Swizzle_Stick-1customized swizzle stick that accompanied each and every beverage that was served? Those days are coming back.

Now more than ever, brands are constantly searching for ways to heighten brand recognition & fight through increased advertising clutter. The cost of adding a custom swizzle stick to each beverage served is extremely affordable & the benefits are priceless. 

So, what are the benefits? 

  • Each beverage served is branded with your logo, color scheme or slogan.
  • Visual appeal improves, which increases the perceived value of your offerings.
  • Swizzle sticks make beverages stand out, which will help patrons remember their visit to your establishment.
  • Customers will typically take home their swizzle sticks. These souvenirs will serve as reminders of their visit and will encourage repeat business.
  • Custom swizzle sticks personalize marketing materials. There’s a good chance you take photos of your food & drinks when promoting your bar or restaurant on social media & within internet/print advertisements. Adding your brand to each photo with the subtle touch of a custom stirrer or cocktail pick is a proven tactic to differentiate your marketing materials from the competition. Instead of a consumer thinking, “That’s a great looking Margarita,” they’ll instead be thinking, “That’s a great looking Margarita from ________.”

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What are your thoughts on implementing custom stirrers or picks at your business? Do you have questions or comments? Please share with us below!