Branded Cocktail Stirrers Boost Exposure For Barritt’s Ginger Beer!

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Barritt’s Ginger Beer is an extremely popular soft drink & cocktail mixer produced in Bermuda by John Barritt & Son Ltd. Barritt’s was first marketed in 1874 & its popularity has soared over the years.

Custom molded in vibrant orange & stamped in black foil, the custom cocktail stirrers used by Barritt’s Ginger Beer are a huge hit & promote the brand in a fun and memorable fashion. 

Check out this great article from Delish that features a number of cocktail recipes that contain ginger beer. Whether mixing a Dark & Stormy, Moscow Mule, or another tasty drink, Barritt’s Ginger Beer’s custom cocktail stirrers boost brand exposure in each presentation. 

Check out the unique style of the Barritt’s Ginger Beer swizzle sticks in the photos below!





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