Beverage Stirrers, Swizzle Sticks & Picks Perfect For The Golf Industry

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For those of you who are affiliated with golf courses that offer drinks, there are bar accessories on the market that go the extra mile to provide a unique experience each time your golfers are served.Golf-Swizzle-Stick

Whether serving drinks in the clubhouse restaurant or bar, or throughout the course on a cart, chances are, you’re already using a stirrer or straw to mix cocktails, coffee, tea, etc. 

Custom drink accessories are becoming very popular in the golf industry, as they are a simpleGolf-Beverage-Stirrer & cost-effective way to add a little something extra for your loyal patrons. Items like these exude quality and attention to detail and many times, these accessories are liked so much by golfers, they are kept and taken home.  In a competitive business where branding and differentiating your course from others is so vital, beverage stirrers, swizzle sticks & picks are simple and fun ways to add a unique golf oriented twist to your drinks!

Golf oriented beverage stirrers and picks are shaped as golf putters. Available in green, white & black, these bar accessories stand out beautifully!

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If you happen to be looking for a custom swizzle stick, stirrer or pick that is unique to your course, these can also be designed according to your direction. Complimentary design artworks are available upon request!  These can include anything you please including your course’s name, contact information, website URL, etc.

Golf executives have multiple daily tasks on their hands and sometimes small details are forgotten and overlooked. Courses that are using these golf oriented drink stirrers, swizzle sticks & picks are thrilled with the positive feedback from golfers and the word is quickly spreading!