About Royer Corporation


Known for innovative injection molding, cutting-edge digital printing and an unsurpassed commitment to exemplary products and service, Royer Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of custom swizzle sticks, beverage stirrers, picks and a variety of branded promotional products.

Restaurants, bars, casinos, airline companies, distilleries, cruise ships, caterers, hotels and countless other sectors have trusted Royer products for over 40 years. Our stirrers, picks and promotional products add branded value and elegance—while also serving as functional assets.

Royer Corporation is a one hundred percent family owned company. We take great pride in our corporate culture, as it ultimately provides the foundation for our success.

Our History


Roger Royer and Dean Long founded our company in Hamilton, Ohio in 1970 under the name Gadgeteria, Inc. Beginning in the basement of Mr. Royer’s home, using a small, homemade molding machine, the company began producing custom designed swizzle sticks and advertising specialties for local restaurants and businesses. Using a special technique for constructing the molds for these items at a relatively low cost, the company was able to expand its sales and in 1971, moved into a small plant in Hamilton, Ohio.

In 1976, Gadgeteria was sold to Madison Plastics, Inc. and its factory was relocated to Madison, Indiana, where it was integrated into the existing Madison Plastics Operation. Here, it fell upon hard times initially. Customers went elsewhere, much of the equipment was lost or sold, and operations virtually came to a standstill. In September of 1977, the company was bought by Guy Kitchens and was named Royer Corporation.

Immediately after Guy Kitchens assumed control of the business, an independent factory was established in Madison, new equipment was purchased and Royer Corporation began its evolution. Kitchens was a savvy businessman who took great pride in manufacturing value added products right here in Madison, Indiana. His leadership propelled Royer’s success in the 1980’s and 1990’s as the company built business relationships with major casinos, restaurants, resorts and airline companies.
With a goal of growth and expansion, Royer purchased the recently vacant US Shoe Factory building in downtown Madison in late 1998. After updating and remodeling this building, Royer moved all operations to this new, much larger facility in February 1999. Today, the company is financially sound and with new advances in decorating methods and technology, the future has never looked so promising.

With Guy Kitchens’ unfortunate passing in 2000, Roger Williams, Guy’s Brother in Law, assumed control of Royer Corporation as CEO. With Roger’s leadership, Royer has continued to expand and business has never been better. State-of-the-art equipment and an emphasis on leveraging technology has positioned Royer for a very strong and vibrant future.

We are very proud at Royer that all of our products are American Made, produced on the banks of the Ohio River in Madison, Indiana. We truly believe in our company motto—“America is what America makes.”