5 Tips For Marketing Your Bar or Restaurant During Fall

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The leaves are beginning to fall and those cool, crisp nights we know and love are becoming more frequent. As we kick off the month of October, many restaurant owners are likely putting together strategic marketing ideas that will increase traffic during the fall season. 

Please feel free to use the tips below to craft your own fall promotions. Also, please share your ideas in the comments section!

1. Use Football To Your Advantage

For many bars and restaurants, football presents a huge opportunity. College and NFL Football have kicked off their seasons, so be sure to position your establishment as the “go-to” place to watch all the big games. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Food & Drink Promotions on Gamedays
  • Specialty Drinks Named For Local Teams & Popular Players
  • Upgraded TV Subscriptions To Ensure All Games Will Be Televised
  • Consider Investing In NFL Sunday Ticket
  • Cozy Seating For Patrons Who Plan To Watch 3-4+ Hour Games
  • Local Team Decorations 

2. Encourage Costumes On Halloween

Halloween is now a fun holiday for all ages, so be sure to dress up! Have your halloween contest.jpgservers and bartenders dress in fun costumes & sell your bar or restaurant as an upbeat hangout spot for those who want to celebrate. Costume contests, spooky cocktails, live music and creepy decor will set you up for success!

3. October Is National Chili Month!

On those crisp, cool fall nights, everyone loves a hot, hearty bowl of chili. Whether you go with a traditional chili or a soup/stew unique to your bar or restaurant, offering patrons warm comfort food is a great way to make them feel “at home” when dining and drinking at your establishment. 

4. Show Support For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Most of us have been affected by breast cancer in one shape or form. Consider Personalized Logo Restaurant Swizzle Sticks Stirrers.jpgparticipating as a sponsor of your community’s next Breast Cancer Awareness event. Use social media to promote your involvement as this is a great way to help a great cause while building your establishment’s brand image with the community. 

You also may consider serving pink signature drinks or dessert items named for breast cancer survivors. A portion of the proceeds could be directed toward the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation – or a charity of your choice! 

5. Promote Take Out Deals on Cyber Monday & Black Friday

Those who get shopping fever on Cyber Monday and Black Friday likely aren’t going to find the time to cook dinner. These folks can be the ideal target for “to-go” promotions that can be picked up from your bar or restaurant. If your establishment typically isn’t thought of as a takeout option – this is a perfect opportunity to put yourself in the mix for future business. 


Have any tips to help bars and restaurants stand out during the fall season? Please share in the comment section here or below!