5″ Plastic Seafood Fork | Product Spotlight

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Royer’s 5″ Seafood Fork has been a favorite of restaurants & bars for many years. Its unique versatility makes it perfect for use within scallops, steamers & other seafood dishes. 

The Seafood Fork is also an ideal companion for fried foods like french fries, which makes it perfect for patrons who aren’t crazy about getting their fingers greasy!

As with all Royer products, the 5″ Seafood Fork provides an upscale appearance as it delivers unique functionality. 

Available in black, red & white, 5″ Seafood Forks are available for immediate purchase through our online store. For additional questions and concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us toll free at 800-457-8997 or drop us a line at royerinfo@royercorp.com

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