3 Classic Brunch Cocktails To Promote At Your Bar Or Restaurant

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Brunch – A meal usually eaten late in the morning that combines a late breakfast and an early lunch.

Everyone loves a great brunch. Bars and restaurants will obviously expect the biggest brunch crowds on the weekends, depending on their offerings and clientele. Although regardless of the day of the week, there will always be late risers who want to enjoy a great meal during the late morning or early afternoon hours.

Aside from the meal itself, many like to enjoy cocktails to kick start their day. Depending on one’s tastes, any cocktail will do, but here are 3 of the most popular brunch concoctions that should be offered and promoted during brunch hours at your bar or restaurant. After all, upselling customers to purchase cocktails is always a plus for your bottom line.

1. Bloody Mary

This classic cocktail is one of the world’s most popular drinks to enjoy during the morning and early Custom-Beverage-Pickafternoon. There is no exact science to create a Bloody Mary, as many bartenders have their own technique, but most classic recipes include some combination of tomato juice, vodka, worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, herbs, spices and vegetables.

Here is a quick video from Liquor.com advisory board member H. Joseph Ehrmann as he explains his version of the classic, hearty cocktail.

 2. Mimosa

A Mimosa is a cocktail usually composed of champagne or sparkling wine and orange juice which makes it a perfect fit for brunch. Below is a clip from Vince Coughlin, as he explains his simple recipe for the Mimosa, which will go great with your bar or restaurant’s midday offerings.

 3. Tequila Sunrise

Who doesn’t love a little tequila with their pancakes, eggs and bacon? With tequila, orange juice & grenadine syrup, you’ll have all you need to create a simple Tequila Sunrise to kick start your day. This video from Bartending Bootcamp will give you the recipe rundown in less than one minute.

For those mornings that you sleep late after long nights on the town, whether at work or play, brunch is a great way to kick start your day. Pairing your meal with one of these timeless cocktails will not only add a punch to your meal, but also may be the perfect remedy for a pounding head.

If you have a favorite brunch cocktail that you serve in your home, bar or restaurant, please feel free to share in the comment area below!