2015 “Show Us How You Swizzle” Contest Videos | Free Swizzle Sticks Are On The Line!

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Due to the success of our inaugural Ohana Luau at the Lake, “Show Us How You Swizzle” video contest, we decided to do it all again in 2015!

All of the videos that were submitted over the past month have beenCustom_Swizzle_Sticks_Cocktail_Stirrers incredible! We would like to share all of the fun, creative, swizzle stick themed clips below! 

Remember, the lucky winner of 2,500 FREE custom Royer-made swizzle sticks will be announced on June 27, 2015 at the Ohana Luau at the Lake!

(Please note: Videos are displayed in the order of which they were submitted and in no way reflect ranking)

Brian Flowers


Chris Bannister

Eric Callero

Bargoyle Sullivan

Geoff Bronner

Chip Kerr

Mark Hooper

James Honeycutt

Thanks again to all who participated and stay tuned to find out who becomes the lucky winner of 2,500 free custom swizzle sticks! Cheers!