High Volume Injection Molding, Digital Printing & Hot Foil Stamping

Innovative Injection Molding and Cutting-Edge Digital Printing

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Who We Are

High Volume Injection Molding, Digital Printing & Hot Foil Stamping

High Volume Injection Molding, Digital Printing & Hot Foil Stamping

Custom Products | Swizzle Sticks | Picks | Dice

Who We Are

Injection Molding

We provide globally competitive, USA-based custom injection molding manufacturing. As a second-generation family company with over 45 years of experience, we stand by our commitment to providing quality parts that are less expensive and much quicker to market than those coming from overseas.

Digital Printing

Vibrant, full color digital printing on custom plastic parts is a unique, value-add service we provide. Our multiple industrial digital printing machines produce finished products with virtually unlimited branding & personalization options for fully customized injection molded parts. In addition to enhancing the appearance of parts, our digital printing technology is durable, weatherproof & chemical resistant.

Hot Foil Stamping

Since our company was founded in 1977, Royer has taken pride in utilizing its hot foil stamping expertise to decorate millions of custom injection molded parts. This unique value-add service produces beautiful, attention-grabbing products—and draws attention to specific, raised designs, logos & characters. Decorative foil is available in a variety of standard & metallic colors—along with holographic designs.

Turnkey Design & Development

Royer’s experienced art and engineering teams use the latest design software and in-house CNC equipment to bring your ideas to life in no time. With experience in designing popular products for the foodservice, hospitality, construction & toy industries, our team is well-equipped to take your project to the next level.

Molds Built
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Parts Molded in 2022

“If you are a supply chain person who values a company that is 100%
customer focused, transparent and will deliver on what they commit to — align yourself with Royer. You will not regret it.”

– Joe H. – Supply Chain Manager, Dunkin Brands

Royer Corporation is a family-owned plastic injection molding & advanced decorating company, located on the banks of the Ohio River in historic, Madison, Indiana.

Known for innovative injection molded parts with unmatched speed-to-market capabilities, Royer has solidified itself as an industry leader by combining high-output custom plastic injection molding process lines with robust digital printing & hot foil stamping technology.

Historically respected as a go-to foodservice & hospitality manufacturer specializing in beverage stirrers, sticks & picks—Royer now serves clients in a variety of additional markets including consumer products, toys/game components, horticulture, industrial & construction applications.

Royer Corporation is a proven turnkey custom injection molding and decorating solution. We are proud to offer integrated molding services, from concept to delivery, that promise to meet your needs for quality, time & price.

About Us

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How We’re Different

Speed to Market

Strategically based in the heart of the Midwestern United States, Royer’s location allows for
excellent response times to all North American destinations. With turnkey custom injection molding design, tooling, manufacturing & decorating all under one roof, our team is well-equipped to bring your next project to market in a short amount of time.

Advanced Decorating

By pairing innovative custom injection molding with advanced decorating technology, we’re able to offer beautiful, finished products that are unique & marketable. Full-color, high output digital printing, along with hot foil stamping, promise to add just the right amount of branded appeal to your next project. For over 4 decades, we’ve developed custom decorating applications & processes that meet very specific needs of our clients—which have produced extremely successful finished product lines.


With over 40 years of experience in plastic injection molding, our team has a complete understanding of what it takes to produce successful parts—from prototype to mass production. Our goal is to make your job easier by providing turnkey solutions for part design, toolmaking, decorating & manufacturing.

American Made

Our Indiana-based team makes it possible to design, manufacture & distribute products in the United States at prices that are internationally competitive. Whether we’re working on reshoring an existing item currently being produced overseas, or starting from scratch, we are proud to offer a full-service solution. In addition to US-based injection molding, we’re also a trusted global distributor for other specialty product lines.

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